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    I am getting married this year, in a couple of months. I want to have a tailor made dress. What is the process?

    First step:

    We will get your measurement to know well your body shape


    We offer a free consultation to listen to your expectation and requirements of the dress and then consult  you with more ideas and suggestions suitable for your body type, personality and budget.


    We will start to check material options. It usually takes 10 days to 2 months for any dress. We will agree about time line together.


    During the progress of making the dress, you will be updated with pictures


    Fitting and adjustments if needed just before your wedding, the adjustments for the 6 months before the wedding are totally free if the adjustments are for you.


    Just enjoy your wedding, with the most beautiful dress especially made for you.

    How are Mynamour dresses created?

    We design and make our own dresses through a workshop that providing wholesales for other shops, so the brides can buy dresses directly from the dress maker without any intermediate. We don’t pay too much for the marketing as the brides themselves advertise for us with their beautiful dresses. That’s the best way to do marketing. I don’t say it’s the cheapest way, because to increase the satisfaction of a bride, we have to spend our time, effort, creativity. And you know, that’s the resources that can’t be quantifiable.

    Why are the prices different from a dress to another?

    That’s a good question. It will depend on the quality of the material and the time we spend to make the dress. It also depends on where the dress is made, by the tailor of 1 year experienceor 10 year experience. It also depends on the cut, the design, the uniqueness of the dress, the material.

    To answer this question in a wider aspect, it also depends on how much we pay to push up the brand name, the rent, marketing.

    If a bride orders the dress long time before the wedding and her weight changes so much. What to do?

    I have one bride who ordered the dress with me 6 months before the wedding. She was 105 kg, before making the dress, I asked her:” Willyou intend to lose some weight? or gain some”? She laughed and told me: You think I still have room to gain, I plan to loose like 10kg.

    I adjusted her measurement to make sure the dress fit her with 10kg less. After 1 month she came for fitting, she was 92 kg, which is 13 kg less than she was. The dress was slightly loose. I altered for her and it fitted perfectly, then, 2 months before her wedding, she called me to say:” Please help, now I’m only 86kg. The dress becomes loose again” I told her:” Any time please come back so I can alter it for free for you”. It took my tailor 2 hours to alter the dress. My bride was very happy.

    2 weeks before the wedding. She called me: “Myna, please help me 1 more time, I don’t trust any tailor. They can damage my dress. I am now 80kg. I’m so stress, I can’t sleep. I eat low carb. I loose weight. Any price I will pay you to alter my dress. “Again she came to me. My tailor took 2 hours to alter her dress. I told her:” Its free darling. Within 6 months, it’s free alteration. As long as it’s for your own measurement.” She was so happy. Not only because of the perfectly fitting dress, but also because of her choice since the beginning to choose Mynamour so that she had nothing to worry about her dress. Besides that, I was besides her to encourage her to lose weight. She now becomes one of the biggest fans of Mynamour.

    It should be the bride’s measurement. I have to mention this because there was the case 1 bride wanted to resell her dress after the wedding. Still it was within 6 months but she wanted to change the measurement to the next buyer’s measurement. In this case, we will charge accordingly to the changes!

    What brought you to the Wedding dress business?

    Since I was small I had passion for fashion and singing. But my family wanted me to study finance. So after graduating from university, I started to work for a Swiss finance company for more than 7 years. 2014 I was in Dubai and looking for my own wedding dress. It was so difficult. I searched everywhere in the UAE, I even went to Hong Kong and Singapore to find my dress. But the ones I liked were too big and would take at least took 1 month to adjust the size plus I had to accept the risk of ruining the shape of the dress, if I wanted the same dress with my size I needed to wait about 6 months for them to make a new one, or it was too expensive (10’000 $ above). I visited smaller shops, again I couldn’t find anything I liked there. I was so worried because a wedding dress is the very first and most important thing to prepare in a wedding (apart from the husband).

    After thinking over, I decided to design my own wedding dress and ordered it with one tailor I knew. It came out nicely, I decided to make a second one so that I would have 2 wedding dresses to wear. I got married in Switzerland and in October, it was so snowy and cold that I could only wear the puffier dress that kept me warm. I decided to sell the other. 1 bride came to me to ask me to make the same dress for her. She was very happy with her dress. And I got phone calls and SMSs from many other brides. That’s how I started my business of selling bridal dresses.

    Do you only make wedding dresses?

    I provide wedding dresses, party dresses, dresses for babies, bride maid’s dresses, designed clothes, suits for men. But yes, mainly wedding dresses, available in all colors and shapes, the only limits are your imagination.

    What are you looking for the coming years?

    We are running the 1000-campain. It means this 2016 I expect to serve 1000 brides from all over the world. To reach that, we have to make sure each small group reach their target before the whole company can reach its target.

    What is your price range for a wedding dress?

    I am now working with fabric providers from Korea, China, Italy, France and the UK. Other materials such as crystals and beadings are from the Czech Republic, Austria, Korea, India and China. So we have a very large range of prices. It really depends on the budget of the bride, of her income and her willingness to spend for her dress. Normally the bride is ready to pay 30 – 500% of her monthly income for a wedding dress. So you can see the big range and how I have to adapt to response to all the brides’ need. Normally, price is sensitive and should not be disclosed to anybody except to myself and the bride. But I can tell you that I just sold one wedding dress yesterday for the price of 4500 AED and I am now making a dress for 1 bride in Abu Dhabi for the price of nearly 100’000 AED with diamonds attached on the neck borderline and all over the dress in a Haute-Couture quality dress.

    Where are your brides from?

    So far I have the honor to work with brides from more than 30 countries. At the first stage of my business, most of my clients were those who living in the UAE (like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, ….), including expats and local brides. But later, the expat brides go back to their country or their husband’s country to celebrate the wedding ceremony so their relatives and friends there also ask me to make their own wedding dresses. That’s how I can work with brides abroad.

    How will it work to order the dress if the bride cannot come to see you directly?

    Nowadays, life is very busy for the clients, fortunately internet can help to reduce the cost of transportation and save time as well. I often discuss with my brides through Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook even if they live in Dubai. For the brides abroad, I will send her the video to instruct her to measure herself. She can have two options: to choose available dresses or design her own wedding dress. If she wants a ready-made dress, any alteration will be made to make sure all figures fit hers. If not, I will consult her what shape is good for her. And we can make a new one as she wishes. Eachbride is unique and likes different details from different dresses. They can pass all information to me (include picture, video, notice…). I will consult her on what is doable, how to combine details from many different dresses to be compatible in 1 dress. It’s the work from both sides, me and the brides, but also it’s a very lovely experience for the bride to design her own dress. Because for me, everyone should know the best about their body, what advantages to show and disadvantages to hide. Normally it should take 1 week to have all the details agreed. And It will take me 3 weeks to 2 months to make a new wedding dress. A dress below 20’000 AED will take me 2 weeks to 1 month to make.

    After the dress is made, the bride can come to have a personalized fitting session. Normally if she gains or loses some weight, there will only be some minor alterations. And it will take maximum 24 hours to have it ready. So the bride can come in the morning, and come back in the evening to pick up her dress.

    If the bride is far and can’t come to me for fitting, I will send it to the bride by courier. If She needs any alteration, she can choose to have it altered by a tailor nearby or send it back to me. Charge of courier will be arranged between us. (Condition applied). I have hundreds of brides abroad who order online only and all of them are happy with their dresses, and they generally need no alteration at all.



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