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Mynamour Wedding Dress Dubai - Cherish Your Memories, Cherish Your Amour



Preparing for your wedding? Not knowing how to appear beautifully in your wedding? Being so confused with so many tailoring shops?

Then let’s take a trip round Mynamour Tailoring Shop in Dubai!


Established in 2014, Mynamour Bridal has experienced more than 8 years affirming our brand and core values of bringing exquisite wedding dresses and relevant tailoring services to turn wedding days into the most memorable days in lifetime. We are now present in almost every country across the world and during our journey, we are proud to have accompanied thousands of brides to make their dream dresses come true. 


As one of the most high-quality and credited tailoring stores in Dubai, Mynamour could confidently satisfy customers’ demands and requirements since we possess a team of nearly 1,000 talented, enthusiastic and dedicated staff together with excellent logistics system and full caring services. Here in Mynamour, we prioritize customers’ experiences and we understand how meaningful the wedding days are for couples; therefore, Mynamour is determined to provide the best tailoring services for not only the ladies, but also their spouses. 


At Mynamour, Your Dream Dress Comes True. At Mynamour, We Cherish Your Memories, We Cherish Your Amour.

For all of us, a wedding is a wonderful beginning of marriage that marks a new milestone in a couple’s relationship. The moment of entering the wedding ceremony and walking beside the person you want to spend the whole life loving, living and sharing with would be the most unforgettable moment in your lifetime – and at that moment, every lady becomes the most beautiful woman in their lover’s eyes. Mynamour sincerely appreciates the beautiful images of a bride in their important days and their wishes to be dressed in such glorious and sparkling bridal gowns: Mynamour wants to bring your dream bridal dress come true. 


Deeply understanding ladies’ dreams in their weddings, Mynamour puts our heart, attention, meticulousness, and exquisiteness into every stitch and detail of a wedding gown. Mynamour also offers comprehensive tailoring services that cater the brides’ interests and requirements. Of all, we would love to express our gratitude for customers for choosing us to be their companion in their happy unions. 


To Mynamour, a bridal dress should not only be gorgeous itself but more importantly, its core value lies in how a bridal dress beautifies each bride. Mynamour aspires to assist every bride in choosing the most exquisite and suitable gown that accentuates their beauty, lights up their confidence, empowers and gives them pride in themselves. Mynamour understands that a bridal dress could reveal the beauty of a bride’s inner being, their body curved lines and even their fashion tastes. Therefore, with these values, Mynamour promises to not let you down with the most unique dresses only for you – the most beautiful bride on your own beautiful day.


Dubai has always been renowned for its glamor, luxury, attractiveness and high fashion clothing. With Dubai’s spectacular sceneries and modern infrastructure, lots of couples have chosen Dubai to be a perfect place for wedding photography and wedding outfit services.


Located in Dubai, Mynamour Bridal Fashion also has quite similar qualities. Style, elegance and irreproachable craftsmanship work as the inspirational metrics for a perfect wedding dress at Mynamour and a beautiful garment in a perfect love affair! Mynamour provides a collection of diverse bridal dresses of different styles – from minimalistic to sophisticated ones. Among thousands tailoring shops in Dubai that could make you confused with their complicated collections, Mynamour is proud to have a team of consultants that are specialized in the fashion field that could assist you in selecting the most trendy and fashionable bridal dress but still fits your physiques and expectations. To Mynamour, the criteria for a fashionable wedding dress should be:


  • Turn the bride and groom into the only center of attention
  • Create a WOW and honor the physical beauty and soul of a woman 
  • Make the bride and groom proud of each other and sincerely cherish their own memories


As a modern bridal brand in Dubai, Mynamour always updates the latest trends of bridal wear monthly, quarterly and even annually. With a team of specialized designers and talented tailors, we make sure each new design is up-to-date and more interesting as well as creative. Clients could also check the latest fashion trends in our Blog section, where you could also find our latest collections relevant with the current trends and other customers’ reviews.










01. Top experts

What makes Mynamour special and credited is that we are among the few Dubai tailoring shops that could invite disparate skillful tailors from different countries around the world. Tailors are always available in stores for direct fitting requests and in Mynamour’s own factory for gowns tailoring. We also proudly possess a wide network and could collaborate with talented designers to join our team - thus, customers are always introduced with new bridal dresses with diverse styles and ornamentations. Customization service is also available for brides and grooms with affordable prices.

Besides, customers won’t have to worry about what fits most since the Mynamour team that has adequate skills and profession in the fashion industry, including bridal wear, could provide you with useful advice and caring consultancy that enables you to make the best decision. At Mynamour tailoring store, we guarantee to satisfy beyond the expectations of our clients.

02. Professionalism

Time is precious, especially for Mynamour’s ladies. No one wants to spend loads of time selecting a proper wedding gown - Don’t worry, Mynamour understands that our clients deserve to spend the least time and stress on shopping for their wedding outfits since there are others to prepare for. Hence, Mynamour Staff is always ready to provide perfect and professional tailoring care and assistance for brides and grooms.

For any complaints about the services, Mynamour is always open to receive the feedback and offer to compensate for clients if our services could not meet your expectations.

03. Uniqueness

Mynamour is proud and confident to say that we are UNIQUE. Among the tailoring stores in Dubai, hardly could you find one with on-site tailoring services like fixing, hiring and delivering within a really short time like Mynamour. Aiming for a sustainable development and wishing to accompany as many brides as possible, we never stop improving our production techniques and creativity in each gown. High-end quality and uniqueness are two values Mynamour wants to embrace in each wedding gown to meet clients’ needs and demonstrate Mynamour’s own prestige.

Mynamour also offers custom-made outfits that cater customers’ needs. Our designer and tailor would accompany you during the drafting, designing and deciding on how your wedding dress would look like. Hence, you can possess your own wedding gown without worrying about the materials, shapes, curves and stitches.

04. Gratitude

To us, gratitude is what nurtures our passion and maintains our bridal journey. Mynamour always keeps a grateful attitude not only to our customers - the brides and grooms - for choosing us over lots of tailoring shops nearby in Dubai but also to our staff for their dedication and to our providers and partners for trusting the mission and vision of Mynamour. Thanks to the strong support from Mynamour’s internal staff, customers, providers and partners, Mynamour could continue our journey throughout 8 years and more in the near future - we would love to express thanks to everyone who has accompanied us in this journey.

Part of Mynamour’s revenue would be contributed to social funds and charities to provide care and support for people in need and spread more love within the society - we want to cherish people’s amour and we want to show gratitude to the whole community.




“The design’s fittings and quality are perfect, which makes it so easy to say 100% YES to the dress!” – MIRA, one of Mynamour’s brides. 

Mynamour tailoring shop is normally known for unique collections of diverse and magnificent designs of bridal wear. In other words, we not only provide ample choices of wedding gowns for brides but we also offer suitable outfits for bridesmaids, flowergirls, grooms and evening dresses. Impressive veils and other accessories are also available to meet the clients’ needs. Furthermore, Little kids would be fascinated with our signature and lovely collections called Little Mynamour designed specifically for kids, turning them into shining mini-brides. With the diverse collections for different types of customers, Mynamour understands that a perfect wedding should be harmonious in the concept and in the outfits of each member participating in the event. 


What makes clients remember Mynamour is that we offer customization services. Clients are able to require any custom-made outfits and discuss with us in advance with the consultancy from talented designers and tailors. Though it’s hard to believe, Mynamour promises to deliver your privately designed gown within 10 days urgently or 30 days usually but still guarantees high quality. This feature is what makes Mynamour unique, reliable and an optimal choice for brides who want to save much time.




On-site fitting and fixing is what over 1500 brides at Mynamour love most. Our tailors are always available in the store to assist brides and grooms in fitting and fixing their outfits immediately. Hence, after outfit trials and official purchase, couples only need to wait some minutes or within a day for fixing and could bring their beautiful outfits home without having to wait for days and weeks – we appreciate and save your time. 


Unlike other tailoring shops in Dubai that only allow purchases, Mynamour offers hiring services that would be a more affordable wedding package for clients. In the hiring packages, customers are also guaranteed the benefits like when you purchase the dresses so don’t mind to request if you have a demand. 



One outstanding tailoring service of Mynamour is delivering at a fast and furious speed. With excellent logistics systems and collaboration with prestigious and reliable logistics partners and platforms, we won’t let our clients wait for a long time. Please be sure to make your bookings in advance and after checking your bookings and purchases, Mynamour would start preparing your dress and delivering immediately – you could receive your gown within 10 or 30 days depending on your regions and requests. 



Mynamour is positioned in the luxurious but reasonable segmentation. We would love to approach and support customers from every background so you will be offered flexible prices that could accommodate your budgets with a friendly and reliable service. And at any prices, Mynamour’s wedding dresses would still keep their quality, style and meticulousness because our core values are customer-centered and more importantly, we want to turn you into the most beautiful woman in your important day.



It’s never early to start preparing for your lifetime event!

Mynamour tailoring services will bring every bride the most impressive wedding outfits ever seen: style in each gown, elegance in each stitch and irreproachable craftsmanship in each detail. Mynamour understands how wonderful and euphoric it is to become a bride or groom and be immersed in our wedding ceremonies – thus, we want to contribute carefully and dedicatedly to the preparation stage of your important event. Mynamour desires to cherish the memories and love of our clients through the exquisite bridal wear, through the high-quality materials, through the unique designs and careful consultancy, through the proper adjusting and fitting and through comprehending customers deeply and sincerely. We believe that every bride and groom deserves the most glorious moment filled with happiness and satisfaction on their wedding day!

We are Mynamour – We are here to bring your dream dresses come true. We  cherish your memories, we cherish your amour. 


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